Core Subjects

Core Subjects at Ardee Community School

Religious Education

Department Mission

To facilitate and support the ongoing development of religious, moral and spiritual values in each student in accordance with his or her respective denomination.

The General Aims of this Syllabus are as follows:

  • To foster awareness that the human search for meaning is common to all peoples, of all ages and at all times.
  • To explore how this search for meaning has found, and continues to find, expression in religion.
  • To identify how understanding of God, religious traditions, and in particular the Christian tradition, have contributed to the culture in which we live, and continue to have an impact on personal lifestyle, interpersonal relationships and relationships between individuals and their communities and contexts.
  • To appreciate the richness of other religious traditions and to acknowledge the non-religious interpretation of life.
  • To contribute to the spiritual and moral development of the student.

Student access to subject/ level:

Religious Education is open to all students.

Option Structure:

It is a core subject and a compulsory part of the school curriculum.
However a parent may exercise his/her constitutional right to withdraw a child from Religious Education. They may do so by means of a letter to the School Principal.

Range/variety of resources:

We employ a wide variety of resources including textbooks, ICT, RE magazines, topical newspaper articles, field trips/pilgrimages, various diocesan and parish resources and facilities, the school oratory, guest speakers, regular liturgies, bibles, film and literature, field- trips, retreats, Personality Inventories, etc.

The school has a full-time chaplain appointed by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Armagh with a pastoral role to care for the spiritual development of students.