Foreign Language Department

Foreign Languages at Ardee Community School



The French Department of Ardee Community School welcomes you! We are a very active department in the Modern Languages Department and we have three teachers, Ms. Duffy, Ms. Morgan and Ms. Wynne who have all spent a significant amount of time in France. We are committed to the teaching and learning of our students both academically and culturally.

Over the past years we have set up European Language Week which is a national venture to promote modern languages in Irish schools. The Transition Year Students organise this for the first and second year students which includes French food tasting, French quizzes, games, traditional costume, French music, poster competitions among other activities. It is a great week where all French students and all teachers are encouraged to speak French for the week. We also run a French Film Club every Thursday which proves to be very popular with our students. The Transition Year students attend a screening of a current French film in the Droichead Arts Centre every year again enhancing their language and cultural acquisition.

Every March a French Theatre Company visits the school where all French students have the opportunity to extend their French vocabulary and grasp a little more French Culture. Students are invited to participate as actors alongside French professional actors…a truly fun experience for all.

We run a school trip every year to Donegal where students are immersed in a French language weekend learning through the medium of outdoor activities and classes. It is a very popular weekend with the first years.

Last year we hosted a French school from Chazelles– sur – Lyon in the Loire region where again lots of activities were organised by students and teachers. A true bond was formed between our two schools so much so that now we have matched up penpals between students and we are currently working on an exchange programme for the future.

This year we are organising a trip to France to the capital city of Paris with our First and Second years. This is a great opportunity for the students to put their hard work into action and to make France a real destination.

We continue to encourage our students to explore their French language learning outside of the classroom by listening to French radio and by doing activities on French websites. Below is a list of our favourite website links …..We hope they help you!!

A Bientôt!