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School Year at Ardee Community School

Book Scheme, Lists and Other Costs

Ardee Community School School Book Grant Scheme for Students

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Department of Education allocates a grant to Ardee Community School to enable us to give assistance towards the purchase of school textbooks for families in need. The level of assistance available depends on the number of students eligible for support, the course being followed by the student and the level of the grant which the school receives.
The Department of Education guidelines define a family in need as one where there is:

  • Genuine hardship because of unemployment/short time working.
  • Prolonged illness of a parent.
  • Large family size with inadequate means.
  • Single parent families.
  • Other family circumstances indicating financial hardship.

Indications of inadequate financial means include:

  • Families dependent on social welfare.
  • Families eligible for Family Income Supplement (FIS) or Back-to-School Clothing and Footwear Scheme.
  • Families experiencing financial hardship because of other circumstances.

Entitlement to a medical card does not necessarily indicate eligibility.
In order to enable the school to allocate the Book Grant in the fairest way possible, we request parents/guardians who fulfil the criteria above to complete the online Application Form: Book Grant Application Form

Hard copies will also be available outside the school office.
The book grant will fully or partially cover the cost of book rental or some of the Transition Year costs.
Given the sensitivity of this issue, we want to assure you that all applications will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
Yours sincerely,

Mary H. Jackson

Student Book Lists and Materials to be purchased

We currently have a book rental scheme where all students rent their books from the school. This was introduced to keep school costs to a minimum. All books are covered and labelled, and students are expected to keep them in good condition. Poetry books, novels, plays and workbooks etc. are not rented to students as the curriculum changes each year. 

First year Materials to be purchased in 2022-2023

Second Year Materials to be purchased in 2022-2023

Third Year Materials to be purchased in 2022-2023

Fifth Year Materials to be purchased in 2022- 2023

Fifth and Sixth Year LCA List of items to be purchased in 2021-2022

Sixth Year Materials to be purchased in 2022-2023


Other School Costs -  

These costs are kept to a minimum and include purchase of the school journal (€10) Photocopying material fee (€30 per student or €40 per family). Personal Insurance (€7.20 for 24 hour cover/school cover). Charge for materials in practical subjects (not charged until October). We also purchase novels, plays, exam papers etc in bulk and pass on savings to the students.

List of Costs for First Year

List of Costs for Second Year

List of Costs for Third Year

List of Costs for Transition Year

List of Costs for Fifth Year

List of Costs for Fifth Year LCA

List of Costs for Sixth Year

List of Costs for Sixth Year LCA