Student Supports at Ardee Community School

After School Study

After School Supervised Study January 2018

After School Study:

Study will resume on Monday,8th January.  A new study letter is available from the office.  The fees for study can be paid in part, or weekly or by making alternative arrangements with us.  Study will continue during the pre-exams.  The full fee to June is €120. This takes account of days when there is no study due to staff and parent teacher meetings. We will look at students joining on a casual basis for a trial period. Students can bring their €2 on the evening they choose to study if they want to come now and again as opposed to regularly.


After school study schedule

2nd to 6th year students  Monday/Tuesday 4pm - 6.30pm, Wednesday/Thursday 3.20pm - 5.50pm @ €2 per day/session. (€120 Jan to June)

1st Year students Monday/Tuesday 4pm - 5pm, Wednesday/Thursday 3.20pm - 4.20pm @ €1 per day/session (€2 if staying until end of study) 

To further support the senior classes two extra sessions are being offered free of charge.  These are as follows:

3rd, 5th and 6th Years Friday 3.20 pm - 5.50pm and Saturday 9.30pm - 1pm (free of charge)

A family rate will apply where applicable. 

Application Forms for After School Supervised Study are available from the office.


After School Homework Support Club


Homework club will commence on January 8th.

The aim of this club is to provide students with the opportunity to access help with their homework in a quiet and positive working environment with other students and with the assistance from a teacher for any subject/s they maybe finding difficult.

It is important that students make the most of this time by completing homework tasks and then working on study or general reading.  Teachers will also help students with their organisational and study skills during this time.

Attendance on a weekly basis is very important.  Teachers will stamp and sign the homework journal by way of recording attendance.  Places in the homework club are limited and if your child is not attending we will offer the place to another student.

A Homework Club is available 4 evenings a week, Monday to Thursday.

Monday 4pm - 5pm

Tuesday 4pm - 5pm

Wednesday 3.20pm -4.20pm

Thursday 3.20pm - 4.20pm


The fees are as follows:

To attend 2 evenings a week - €10 per month

To attend 3 evenings a week - €15 per month

To attend 4 evenings a week - €20 per month


This is payable to the teacher at the beginning of each month and must be paid to enable attendance.