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Design and Communication Graphics

Design and Communication Graphics

Leaving Cert: Design and Communication Graphics.

Design & Communication Graphics
Design & Communication Graphics has been launched at Leaving Certificate for students with the first examinations taking place in the summer of 2009. Students will be required to complete a practical examination in draughtmanship and as a new part to the curriculum students must now be proficent in a modeling program called Solidworks and submit coursework. Students will be given a free 18 month licence copy of Solidworks along with recieving tutorial in school.

Design & Communications Graphics Project 2015

New Leaving Certificate Course Update

In September 2009 the current Leaving Certificate Technical Drawing course will be known as Design and Communication Graphics.

Course Outline
Assessment of the new course is via
" A Terminal Written Exam (worth 60% of total assessment) examined in one paper of 3-hour duration (instead of the current system of two papers of 6 hour duration). Students are expected to answer:
3 of 5 questions from the Core Syllabus of Plane & Descriptive Geometry
2 of 5 questions from an Applied Graphics Syllabus.
The syllabus content is outlined below.

  • Plane & Descriptive Geometry
  • Projection Systems
  • Plane Geometry
  • Conic Sections
  • Descriptive Geometry Intersections
  • Developments of Surfaces
  • Applied Graphics
  • Dynamic Mechanisms
  • Structural Forms
  • Geologic Geometry
  • Surface Geometry
  • Assemblies

Project Work (worth 40% of total assessment) of approximately 40 hours duration submitted on disk and as hardcopy to the Department of Education before the State Examinations commences. The project will focus on modes of design communication with emphasis on Elements of design Communication graphics .Use of information and communication technologies in design.
Some examples of modes of communication are a computer parametric modelling package, use of digital media, freehand drawing etc. The terminal exam focuses on the understanding of geometry through graphics using problem solving and lateral thought whilst the assignment develops creative and individual design strategies.

Further information can be obtained from

Skills and abilities developed through Design & Communications Graphics are beneficial to many careers and courses particularly in the field of engineering, architecture, design and technology, manufacturing/production technology, industrial/interior design, carpentry etc.