Ardee Community School Policies

Code Of Positive Behaviour


In keeping with the Vision, Mission statement and Characteristic Spirit of Ardee Community School, this code of positive behaviour has been developed to create a friendly, respectful and co-operative atmosphere so that every person who belongs to Ardee Community School is given the best possible opportunity to grow and develop academically, socially and personally within an ordered and safe environment conducive to learning. It promotes an atmosphere that encourages all pupils to have pride in being a student of Ardee Community School and inspires them to present a good image of the school to the wider community.

The Code of Positive Behaviour of Ardee Community School is developed in collaboration with all partners in education, parents/guardians, students and school personnel. It is ratified by the Trustees and the Board of Management. Students and parents/guardians accept the terms of our Code of Positive Behaviour prior to enrolment and agree to sanctions should the Code of Positive Behaviour be broken. For the avoidance of doubt any reference in this document to the Principal should be construed as being inclusive of an acting principal or either of the deputy principals or an acting deputy principal if the principal is absent or unavailable.

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