School Year

School Year at Ardee Community School

School Opening Times

Due to the need to restrict and minimise movement within the school because of COVID 19, our timetable was revised and reviewed prior to the return to school in Autumn 2020.
The current timetable is as follows:

On Monday to Thursday inclusive, there will be six 58 minute class periods each day with a 12 minute tutorial between the first period and the second period. School will start at 8.55 and end at 15.40.

On Friday, there will be four 58 minute classes. School will start 10 minutes earlier at 8.45 and will conclude at 1 pm. These times will suit the school buses. Buses will be ready to depart the school at the conclusion of all five days.

We will be reviewing this timetable at the end of the current school year and will be adhering to the Department of Education guidelines on minimising the risk of the spread of COVID 19.

Lunchtime Arrangements:

Currently, all students are expected to remain on the school premises throughout the school day. Currently, the school is operating staggered break times and lunchtimes in line with COVID-19 guidelines.


Our canteen facility is leased out and provides food for purchase by students in the morning, at breaktime and at lunchtime. Students are also encouraged to bring their own packed lunch. First Year students are permitted to finish class 2 – 3 minutes early before breaktime and lunchtime to allow them to access the canteen before the other year groups. They are also allowed out before school finishes (2 – 3 minutes).

In normal times we provide an After-School Study and Homework club, we will review this provision during the school year.