School Year

School Year at Ardee Community School

School Transport

If students live more than 4.5km from the school they are entitled to avail of special transport to and from school. The regulations have changed and transport is now only provided to the school nearest the family home. It is important to contact Bus Eireann at 042 9355061 if you have any queries re school transport.

Transport applications are made directly to Bus Eireann online (the closing date is late April of each year) and communication such as payment etc also happens by e mail. Invoices (by email only) are issued for payment in late July.

Bus Eireann are responsible for safety on buses. Any issues on the buses are the responsibility of the assigned bus inspector. It is very important that if you are availing of school transport, that you apply on time. The current cost of school transport (this year) is €325 per student or €650 per family. Students or families with medical cards are exempt from fees.