Programmes at Ardee Community School

Junior Cycle & J.C.S.P


The Junior Cycle

This is a three year programme and now incorporates a range of subjects which will be examined under the new Junior Certificate Award (JCA).

The New Programme in Junior Cycle:

From September 2019 on, all first year students will pursue the revised programme for the Junior Cycle (JCP) in all subjects. In a departure from the traditional Junior Certificate, students participate in a number of Classroom Based Assessments (CBA’s) in all subjects. Achievements in individual subjects will be awarded using a new grading system. Wellbeing will form an integral part of the programme for the three years. Students will be awarded a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement(JCPA) after 3rd year. Under this new Junior Cycle Programme students who have difficulties attaining the standards for the conventional Junior Cycle programme may take some subjects at L1LP and L2LP learning programmes.


Enhanced Programmes for Junior Cycle

Resource & Learning Support
Students can be withdrawn from Irish (if they have an exemption) for additional numeracy and literacy support and if necessary from one subject option-line. This is based on the needs of the individual student as determined by a psychological report (if any), reports from the primary school and the entrance test results.


The Junior Certificate Schools Programmes (J.C.S.P)

Cohorts of approximately 24 to 30 students are chosen each year to follow a special programme in addition to the conventional Junior Certificate.  It involves withdrawal from one option line or support during Irish for those exempt from Irish.  Students work on a number of projects/initiatives throughout 2nd and 3rd Year.  Students are set targets and get involved in a number of tasks both within school and outside. Students are awarded a folder of certificates documenting their achievements during their Junior Cycle.  The aim of this programme is to improve numeracy and literacy among the students involved.

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