Ardee Community School

Established 1974

Our School

History, Trusteeship and Management:

Ardee Community School was established in 1974 as an amalgamation of the three existing Post Primary Schools in the town, St. Anne’s Secondary School for girls, De La Salle Boys’ Secondary School and Ardee Vocational School. The original school premises on the current site was built to cater for the amalgamation.

The school is under the trusteeship of the Archdioceses of Armagh and Louth Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB). The school is managed by a Board of Management, re-established every three years. Its members are nominees of the trustees (six), parents (two) and teachers (two), and the principal who acts as Secretary to the Board. The Board of Management is responsible for policymaking, finance, admissions, behaviour management, recruitment of staff and decisions on teaching and learning in the school.


Ethos of Ardee Community School

The school is a co-educational, multi denominational one which caters for students of all abilities under the characteristic spirit (included in the admissions policy) determined by our Trustees. There are currently over 1,000 students enrolled in the school. 


We have a vision of a School Community where equality, harmony and friendship exist. We accept and welcome that we are a community of diverse individuals. We work to ensure that each individual in our community may fulfil his/her purpose in life.


Ardee Community School is a partnership of Trustees, Board of Management, Parents, Students, Staff and our local Community. We value the on-going input of all our partners in the life of our School.

We aim to provide the best educational environment where effective teaching and learning can take place.
We aim to manage this with fairness and firmness.

We recognise the individuality of our Students. We provide a broad curriculum designed to meet their individual needs and to help them to maximise their potential.

We help our Students to have a healthy, wholesome and confident self-image and to develop positive relationships through our curriculum and our extra-curricular programme.

We endeavour to co-operate with parents and religious leaders of all denominations to encourage the development of religious, moral and spiritual values in each Student.


Teaching and Learning

Our aim in Ardee Community School is to maximise the potential of each student according to their ability. Learning and Teaching is at the core of what we do. The school aims to create an environment where students are happy, settled, well supported and organised as research has proven that if the school environment is right the achievements of students are enhanced.

Ardee Community School offers an excellent education in a safe and secure suburban school environment

  • Committed staff
  • Excellent teaching and results
  • Broad curriculum with all subjects at higher level
  • Continuous assessment of student progress
  • Supervised after-school study
  • Regular communication with parents
  • Clear disciplinary procedures applied justly
  • Active policy on bullying
  • Comprehensive pastoral care system
  • Strict school uniform policy
  • First class school facilities
  • Wide range of sports and extracurricular activities
  • Supervised break times

Board of Management

Ardee Community School is managed by a Board of Management representative of our trustees, parents and teachers.
Bishop’s representatives (Trustees)
Local representatives (Trustees)
Principal (Secretary to Board of Management)

Senior Management, Middle Management and Staff within the School

The Senior management team is made up of Ms. Mary Jackson, Principal, Ms Pauline Duffy, Mr Liam Reilly and Ms Marcella Greenan Deputy Principals. They are supported by a middle management team including, year heads and coordinators of various other roles within the school. The school currently has teaching staff (over eighty), special needs assistants, clerical staff, caretakers and housekeeping staff.

School Organisation

The Principal is responsible for the general direction and management of the school. She is assisted in this role by the Deputy Principal. Each year group has a Year Head responsible for the day to day organisation of the group. Each class has a Class Tutor who takes particular care of the students of that class. We have a guidance counsellor, chaplain and pastoral care team who offer support and encouragement to students experiencing difficulties.
School commences at 8.45 a.m. and classes commence at 8.50 a.m. Students have a twenty minute morning break and a thirty minute lunch break. Classes finish at 3.40 p.m. each day., except for Friday when class ends at 1pm. Students are supervised by teaching staff during all breaks.


Ardee Community School has positive school rules and a clear code of behaviour. Our rules reflect the ideals our students set for themselves. The vast majority of our students live up to these ideals. Where a student breaks the rules our disciplinary system is implemented fairly. Sanctions range from verbal advice and warnings, written notes to parents, detention after school, report cards to suspension and expulsion for serious breaches of discipline. We expect the support of parents in dealing with any problems of behaviour.