Ardee Community School is an inclusive school that seeks to foster the holistic development of all individuals in our community. There is also a large body of international research showing an association between the quality of relationships between teachers and students and a number of student outcomes, including socioemotional wellbeing, engagement in schoolwork, feeling a sense of belonging in school, levels of disciplinary problems, and academic achievement.

Schools have a central role to play in supporting and promoting students’ learning about wellbeing and for wellbeing. Students learn about wellbeing through specific areas of the curriculum and through special wellbeing events and initiatives designed to develop their awareness, knowledge and understanding of wellbeing, and which help them to promote their own wellbeing and that of others. They learn for wellbeing when their experience of school life and their day-to-day interactions, both within and beyond the classroom, are respectful and caring.

Planning for wellbeing involves consideration of these aspects: culture, relationships, policy and planning, and the curriculum.

We take the wellbeing of our students very seriously and have incorporated it explicitly into our teaching and learning. All students have 400 hours of wellbeing in Junior cycle. This is covered by subjects like SPHE, CSPE, PE and tutorials.

Our tutorials frequently include moments of mindfulness or SEL to allow students some time to reflect and ground themselves.

Our TY Programme has a Wellbeing module, developed by our staff, which allows students to further explore the key elements of Wellbeing, as set out in Junior Cycle.

Students are further supported in their wellbeing in Senior Cycle by participating in SPHE and PE.

While many students will flourish with the general support of all of our staff, some need a more scaffolded support as they transition through post primary education. ACS offers many additional supports to these students. These include but are not limited to:

  • Guidance
  • Chaplin
  • Care support
  • Home School Community Liaison Officer
  • Deeside School Completion
  • Tutors
  • Year Heads (M Duffy, AM Goodman, C McGinley, B Smith, C Neavyn, A Finlay)
  • Deputy Principals (P Duffy, M Grennan, C Neavyn, )
  • Principal ( M Jackson)

Should you wish to learn more about wellbeing in our school , or have any concerns about wellbeing, please contact any member of staff who will assist.

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