Junior Cycle

Ardee Community School offers the three-year Department of Education Programme which has been developed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.
Since September 2019, students from first year to third year study the revised programme for the Junior Cycle in all subjects. The aim of the Junior Cycle is to place the student at the centre of the learning process. It promotes new ways of learning and a broader range of skills (Key Skills) to be assessed.


Junior Cycle Curriculum in Ardee Community School

Students study a total of four option subjects in addition to the compulsory subjects.
*Students may be exempt from Irish in specific circumstances, this is in line with relevant Department of Education circular: Exemptions from the study of Irish
(Please note that this circular may be updated from time-to-time.)



Students take exams in June of third year. All Junior Cycle exams are taken at common level with the exception of Irish, English and Maths which can be taken at higher or ordinary level.

Students also engage in Classroom Based Assessments (CBA’s) in all subjects. The CBA’s take place in second year and third year.

Wellbeing forms an integral part of the programme for the three years. Wellbeing includes Physical Education, CSPE, SPHE and Guidance.



Students will be awarded a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) after Junior Cycle. The JCPA reports on the results of final exams, the CBA’s and other areas of learning. Achievements in individual subjects and CBA’s are awarded using a new grading system as follows:


Full information on the Junior Cycle can be found on the website of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) at www.ncca.ie/JuniorCycle and an information leaflet for Parents/Guardians on the Junior Cycle Website: Publications | Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT)


Resource & Learning Support

Students can receive in class support during timetabled Irish (if they have an exemption) for additional numeracy and literacy support. Students may also be supported in their classrooms. This is based on the individually assessed needs of each student.


The Junior Certificate Schools Programmes (J.C.S.P)

Approximately 24 to 30 students are chosen each year to follow a special programme in addition to the conventional Junior Cycle. Students work on several projects/initiatives throughout second and third year. Targets are set and students get involved in several tasks both within school and outside. Students are awarded a folder of certificates documenting their achievements during their Junior Cycle. The aim of this programme is to improve numeracy and literacy among the students involved.


L1LP and L2LP programme

Ardee Community School offers the L1LP (Level One Learning Programme) and L2LP (Level Two Learning Programme) programmes to students who have difficulty accessing the Junior Cycle programme. Junior Cycle is a Level Three qualification.