Management & Staff


Board of Management

Is made up of nominees from the patrons, teachers and parents and is responsible for finance, employment, policy making, curriculum, behaviour management and enrolment.  All correspondence to the Board is addressed through the Secretary of the Board of Management, c/o Ardee Community School.

Principal / Deputy Principals

  • The Principal & Deputy Principals have overall responsibility for the day to day to day running of the school.
  • Principal: Ms. Mary Jackson.
  • Deputy Principals: (left to right below) Ms. Clara Neavyn, Ms. Pauline Duffy, Ms. Marcella Greenan

Assistant Principals

There are a number of Assistant Principals. Most are Year Heads, and have overall responsibility for their assigned year group. This includes behaviour management, communication with parents / guardians and other staff, attendance, academic progress, welfare and any other aspect of the students’ life. Other Assistant Principals are responsible for administration roles such as Teaching and Learning, Programme Co-ordination, DEIS Co-ordination, Book Rental, ICT, Health and Safety and other administration duties.


These are timetabled roles where a class teacher takes a special interest in a particular class group specially assigned to them, and they sometimes teach this group SPHE. They encourage the students in that group to link in with them, and they in turn link in with the year heads regarding any individual or class issues. They deal with friendship issues, conflict, academic progress and are there for students experiencing any difficulties in their school or personal lives. Tutor time is 12 minutes per day Monday to Thursday and 8 minutes on a Friday

Classroom & Subject Teachers

Teachers are responsible for the teaching of their assigned subjects, and more importantly the learning of all the students in that class group. Classroom teachers are also obliged to be observant and report through the appropriate channels, concerns relating to the students in their care.

Special Needs Assistants

The nine SNAs’ are responsible for the care needs of the assigned students. They will accompany students to class and ensure that they have everything that they need for learning. They are responsible for keeping students focused in class, and in the case of students with emotional, behavioural difficulties, they prevent them in so far as possible from disrupting teaching and learning.