Subject & Programme Choice

Our options are computer generated. We will work to provide subject choices to all our incoming first, second and fifth year students and we should succeed in doing so for most students. Where we exceed our numbers in any of our programmes or subjects, we establish a strict waiting list on a first come first served basis for all subjects and programmes (TY, LCA) once our options are decided.

If a student changes their mind on their programme or subject choice at this stage, Parents/Guardians can complete the form below and email We will be unable to make changes on our system until timetable construction is complete in late August. We will keep a note of any change request and facilitate changes, if possible, as soon as the timetable is complete. We would request that you leave further queries about subject choice until students return to school.

We would ask that you wait until after students return to school in August to purchase equipment and pay the material charge for Visual Art, Wood Technology (Construction), Engineering, Applied Technology and Home Economics. We have not included this charge in our school expenses for first, second and fifth years at this time but will include these from October when students know exactly what subjects they are doing. These costs can be paid for third year and sixth year students as they know which options they are studying from last year.