For Students

Student Awards

We are very proud of the achievements of our students in state examinations. Over the past couple of years a number of our students have been recognised and commended by the Department of Education and Skills and their receiving Universities for their excellence in exams. As a result, our students have received invitations to participate in both the maths and science olympiads (each year for the past six years) and in international maths competitions. A number of the universities including Trinity, UCD Maynooth and DCU have honoured our past students for their excellent achievements in the Leaving Certificate.

This year our Leaving Certificate graduates are pursuing degrees in a wide variety of fields including medical, science, arts, agricultural science, engineering, education, performing arts and business, while many others have gone on to pursue apprenticeship and training schemes. Past students have been honoured with prestigious awards for their achievements in their third level studies and have also received entrepreneur and skills. Each year a small number of our students are awarded with scholarships for their academic achievements in the Leaving Certificate.