This information will clarify for you the requirements, in relation to school uniform, in Ardee Community School for the forthcoming school year. During the last school year, with COVID-19 we have been very lenient regarding the school uniform, considering the issues faced by families due to shops being closed etc.

In the new school year, beginning in August, strict uniform rules will apply. We will outline below what is expected from all students. It is much easier for everybody if there is clarity around the uniform and if Parents/Guardians are not under pressure to purchase designer wear. Non-uniform clothing (jackets, hoodies, track suits or bottoms) is not permitted under any circumstances. Shoes/runners must be completely black with no obvious logos. Navy Dube like shoes are permitted.

Our school’s uniform has been designed and agreed by parents/guardians, staff and students in recent years. We are proud to have a uniform which identifies and distinguishes our students and we believe that wearing the school uniform has enumerate benefits for families and for the school. It is understood that students choosing to enrol in the school accept that the full school uniform must be worn during the school day, and to and from the school. Parents/guardians are asked to show support by cooperating fully with the school in ensuring that students wear full uniform.

From the beginning of the new school year the schools positive Code of Behaviour will be strictly implemented where students wear non-uniform items to school.


Compulsory school uniform:

  • Navy v-neck jumper with school crest
  • Charcoal grey shirt
  • Tartan skirt (worn below the knee)
  • Dark grey (charcoal) trousers
  • Plain black footwear with black soles. Dube style shoes are also acceptable. Designer runners with clear gel like or coloured (other than plain black) soles are not permitted
  • Black socks; black knee-height socks or black tights with skirt
  • Navy jacket with red trim and ACS crest (available from local shops); other non-uniform coats are not permitted.


Compulsory PE Uniform:

  • Half-zip sports top with school crest (available in local retailers)
  • Red polo-shirt
  • Navy school tracksuit bottoms with ankle-zip (available in local retailers). Other non-uniform sports bottoms are not permitted.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn as part of the PE uniform.


  • Students may only come to school in PE uniform if they have PE on that day.
  • Our 5th and 6th year students who are doing the new leaving Certificate PE exam subject must wear full PE uniform on days that they are doing practical.
  • All students will wear PE gear on the days they have PE as current Health Guidelines dictate that the use communal changing facilities is not permitted.


Optional extra uniform item:

  • Navy hoodie with school crest – Due to the need for extra ventilation students are permitted to wear the navy school hoodie over their uniform during colder months.
  • Alternatively, students may add thermal layers under their uniform should they wish to do so.

*Please note that any other crested hoodies/sports tops/t-shirts which are purchased during TY or from mini companies are not official school uniform items and therefore are not permitted to be worn as school uniform.
*We strongly advise that all uniform items are clearly identified with embroidered initials to help the return of such items to their owners.


We acknowledge and thank all our students who wear their uniform fully and proudly every day. We know that some parents and students have felt pressure to have branded/expensive clothing at school during the last school year where a degree of lenience prevailed due to the pandemic circumstances and we acknowledge that this past year has been difficult for all in our school community. We hope that this clarity about what is expected of students, in terms of their uniform, will allow all parents and students to prepare fully for their return to school.