General Information




We extend a warm welcome to all our students and their families especially to all our incoming first years and other new students. We hope they will have a long, happy time with us, and that they will grow and develop personally, socially, emotionally, and academically in the positive atmosphere that the school provides. We actively encourage all students to participate fully in school life and embrace all the changes that come their way.

We bid farewell to all the 6th years of 2022. The final exams will conclude on Tuesday 28th of June. We wish all our class of 2022 the best of luck with their future plans. The date for the release of exam results has yet to be decided.

The last number of years have been very challenging for everybody in our school community. We hope this year to continue to get back to a level of normality. We realise that Covid has not gone away and will still be with us in the new school year, but we will follow the health guidelines to minimise the spread in our school community.



In Ardee Community School we are very aware of the importance of the partnership between school and home. It is essential that we communicate fully with each other. From September we will no longer be using the Ardee Community School app. To streamline our communication procedures, we will be making fuller use of the VSware app. From September the VSware app will be used for school notices, submitting absence notes and paying school fees, as well as accessing term reports.

Change of phone number, address or family circumstances

It is extremely important that you inform us of changes to your phone number or address so that our system can be updated. If family circumstances (illness, family breakup etc) change at any time, it may be important that you let us know in confidence. Please telephone or email for an appointment or a call back from the principal, deputy principals or year heads. All information received by the school is dealt with in upmost confidence and very strictly on a need-to-know basis.



We realise friendships can run into difficulties at any time. We also realise that this is hugely sensitive for all those involved. If issues of conflict arise between students it is important that you let us know. All information will be treated with the upmost confidence and on a strictly no blame basis.


Personal Insurance

This insurance can defray the cost of dental and medical expenses etc. should an accident occur. The €7.20 premium provides for 24-hour cover, 365 days a year and is included in the school costs. There is no excess under this policy. Claim forms if required, are available from the school office and must be signed by the GP/Consultant/Hospital. Our broker is Dunne Insurance and students are insured by AIG insurance. Full details of the policy will be posted in August and cover is from 1st September 2022.


Code of Behaviour

Our Code of Positive Behaviour is reviewed regularly and has been uploaded to the website. By enroling in Ardee Community School, students and their Parents/Guardians agree that those enroled in the school will abide by the the school Code of Positive Behaviour at all times.

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The School Day

Monday to Thursday: School begins at 08:50 and finishes at 15:40 (6 class periods)

Friday (half day): School begins at 08:45 and finishes at 13:00 (4 class periods)

All classes are 58 minutes long.

Tutor time is held for all class groups each morning.

Break time is 15 minutes.

Lunch time is 30 minutes.

The school operates staggered breaks and lunchtimes with half of the year groups on early break and lunch and the remainder of students on at the later time. This will be fully explained to students on their return to school.

Please note: All students will remain in school during break and lunchtime.


Bring Your Own Device

Building on our learning from lockdown and to minimise the need for students to bring books to and from school, students are required to bring their own device to school. Most students use their mobile phones. The school will loan devices to students who do not have their own mobile phones. The Board of Management has ratified a “Bring Your Own Device, Acceptable Use Policy” which outlines the appropriate use of mobile phones in school. Mobile phones are not permitted to be used on school premises unless expressly directed by a member of staff. All students will have their own school email address which will be password protected. Microsoft Teams is the learning platform used and full training will be provided for all students on how to use Teams.


Internet Safety & Social Media

The internet is a great resource, but it can also be a source of danger or risk to your son/daughter. Please talk to them about their online activity, about the contacts they make, what they may be uploading or downloading online. It is also important to remind them that the record of anything posted online is permanently there even though it may seem to be deleted. We have heard of students taking and posting pictures of themselves (sometimes in a state of undress). This may be encouraged by others, sometimes strangers or even friends. This is obviously a very dangerous practice and can be a criminal offence. The incidence of use of the various platforms on social media to get at, harass or isolate students where there has been a disagreement is very worrying and it can escalate a conflict situation. Unfortunatley, there has been and increase in incidences reported to us since the lockdown last year.


Student Property

We have over 1100 students in the school. We expect students to look after and be responsible for their own property. This includes sports gear, jackets, school equipment, uniform and books. Please clearly label all equipment before the return to school. The uniform suppliers offer an embroidery service. We insist that valuables are not taken to school at any time. Money or other personal belongings (ear pods, phones etc) are not to be left lying in bags, jackets etc. The Board of Management cannot accept any responsibility for personal property that is lost, stolen or damaged.


Bus Transport

Transport to school is provided by Bus Eireann. They operate an online service for registration and payment. If you intend using school transport, you need to register immediately if you have not done so already. Invoices are issued from early to mid-July. If you have not heard from Bus Eireann by mid-July, please contact them. Holders of current medical cards are exempt from fees, but details of same must be submitted online. Payments also must be made online. Students will not be permitted to travel without a valid bus ticket. If the conditions of registration and payment are not met it is very unlikely that students will be facilitated on school transport. The deadline for payment/medical card details online is Friday 29th of July.

Good News for families from Louth Village!

Bus Eireann have informed the school that the school bus service will be extended to Louth Village this year. The bus will leave from the Credit Union in Louth Village (time to be confirmed in August) and will travel via Mullacrew to Tallanstown. Applications must be made through the Bus Eireann website in the normal way and invoices/medical card details must be paid/entered by the deadline at the end of July.


Child Protection & Staff Vetting

All school personnel and those who have contact with students or vulnerable adults must be garda vetted and are required to sign a statutory declaration before being allowed contact with young people in the school. It is very important therefore that all visitors to the school report to the office and do not visit any other areas of the school without a member of staff accompanying them. This applies to times before and after school as well. This is in the interest of protecting our young people.

Manditory reporting of child protection issues

The child protection procedures came into law on December 11th 2017. We are required to contact TUSLA to establish whether a concern requires reporting or not. We are then required to make a report if advised to do so.

Permission to Photograph or Record

At times during the school year students will be photographed or recorded for various school activities and promotional material. Please email if you wish to deny permission.