The School Building and Environment

Every effort is made to improve and develop the physical environment and facilities of the school. The schools Board of Management is committed to the ongoing improvement and enhancement of the school facilities. We are fortunate to have a new sports pitch and new extension completed over the last number of years. We are looking forward to the building of a new extension soon.

New developments at the school

The Department of Education has granted funding for the development of substantial additional accommodation at the school. The proposed twenty six classroom development, which includes some specialist rooms, will greatly enhance the facilities at the school and provide much needed classroom space. The design team and Board of Management is currently working with the department on design possibilities and it is hope to commence project in the next 18 months.

Current Facilities

  • 6 Fully equipped Science Laboratories
  • Technical Drawing
  • Career Guidance Offices
  • Shop/Canteen
  • Art, Craft & Design
  • Construction Studies
  • Engineering
  • Home Economics
  • I.C.T./Computer Laboratories with a number of computer trolleys

General classrooms

General and subject classrooms are fitted with the very latest technology to aid and assist in the learning process. These include:

  • data-projectors
  • internet access

Where necessary, specific new technology has been installed into certain subject classrooms to ensure pupils have the most up-to-date facilities available to them.